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SEO Course

Learn to get your website to the top of Search Engines via SEO! Our classes on Search Engine Optimization begin with our free SEO seminar on the Top Ten Free SEO tools and continue step by step from keywords to page tags to link-building and beyond.

SEO Training Course

  1. SEO On-Site Optimization
  2. SEO Off-Site Optimization
  3. Advanced SEO Techniques
  4. No complex material, no alleged "secret tactics" that no one else knows.
  5. Just a simple, educational course that will increase your understanding of SEO in a matter of hours.

What will I learn?

Module1. Overview of SEO

  1. Search Engines and Directories
  2. Important Search Engines and Directories
  3. Key Audiences for Your Site
  4. The Definition of Search Engine Compatibility
  5. So What is Search Engine Optimization?
  6. Web Site Elements Impacting Search Compatibility
  7. How Search Engines Index Pages
  8. How Search Engines Rank Pages
  9. Web Site Relevancy Factors    

Module2. Site Architecture

  1. What is Site Architecture?
  2. What is Search Engine Compatible Site Architecture?
  3. Elements of Site Architecture That Impact Search Ranking
  4. Domain
  5. Directory Structure
  6. File Naming
  7. Page File Extensions
  8. Navigation Menus
  9. Heading Tags
  10. Robots META Tag
  11. Robots Exclusion Protocol (Robots.txt File)
  12. Error Trapping
  13. Site Maps
  14. Benefits of Search Engine Compatible Site Architecture

Module3. On Page Optimization

  1. Keyword-Rich Body Text
  2. Text Heavy Home Page
  3. SEO Copywriting
  4. Heading Tags
  5. Build Your Copy Around Your Keywords
  6. Text Links
  7. Advantages of Text Links
  8. Navigation Menus
  9. Link Title Attributes
  10. What is Dynamic Content?
  11. How Dynamic Content Impacts Search Engine Compatibility
  12. Optimization for Dynamic Web Sites

Module4. Off page Optimization

  1. Search Engine and Directory Submission
  2. Article Creation and Submission
  3. Blog Creation And Submission
  4. Social Bookmarking
  5. Video Posting
  6. Forum Posting
  7. Overview of all the above sessions
  8. SEO & Web Design
  9. Text Content & Dynamic Content
  10. Link Popularity

Module5. Measuring SEO ROI

  1. Does SEO Truly Deliver ROI?
  2. Measuring SEO Success
  3. Track your site’s search engine rankings.
  4. Track the amount of traffic your site is receiving.
  5. Track the number of returning visitors to your site.
  6. Track the number of sales / conversions your site receives.
  7. Track the link popularity of your site.

Module6. SEO Tools

  1. Google Webmaster Tool
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Keyword Reserach Tool
  4. Keyword discovery Tool

Normal Track Duration: 60 days

Fast Track Duration: 30 days

A person who undergoes training in all the above mentioned topics masters the entire process of SEO and undoubtedly becomes an asset for any organization which is active into online marketing.

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